19.09.2014 12:55 Age: 5 yrs
Category: News
By: Pia Dalgaard

Company of the year

Every year the local Municipality Employment Council appoints “Company of the Year” amongst the companies that shows a significant degree of social responsibility. In 2014, the winner of the award and 10,000 DKR is MJK Xylem in Nærum, Denmark.

For years, the employment office and MJK Xylem have enjoyed a great co-operation on a wide selection of job openings. MJK’s approach to new employees and the teamwork with ”jobcenter Rudersdal” [the municipal employment office] shows great inclusiveness in regards to accepting unemployed citizens, who have other challenges than just being unemployed. MJK Xylem is great at finding the potential in candidates, who otherwise might find it difficult to gain a foothold on the job market.