mA-Bus Converter™

The MJK mA-Bus Converter™ is used when a measured value from a transmitter with analog mA signal is to be shown on an MJK display or made available to a SCADA system.

The mA-Bus Converter™ translates any mA signal to Modbus® and can be used together with any MJK display series for flow, dissolved oxygen, turbidity, etc.


There are two configurations of the mA-Bus Converter™. One is in the standard MJK field housing with blind lid or display, the other is in the MJK wide field housing with a wide display and numeric keys. The later configuration allows the converter from other MJK instruments to be housed together with the mA-Bus Converter. 

With the mA-Bus Converter™ the measured values are converted into Modbus values and displayed as engineering units. The large built-in data logger of the display unit offers 160.000 time-stamped entries for one channel of the 4-20mA inputs. A trend curve of the loggings for the overview by the local operator is easily retrieved and shown in the display simply by activating a one-push button on the unit. The logged values can then be transferred as csv files to a PC.

Applications using mA-Bus Converter™

  • The mA-Bus Converter™ is used for well water supply systems where the pipe system pressure is shown on the MagFlux® display together with the flow. 
  • For booster stations on the water supply system, where a pressure transmitter measures and controls the speed of the pumps and the pressure is shown together with the flow and volume of the water flow. Add the pump’s power consumption if needed and a complete system data viewing and collection is possible. 
  • Another example is to measure dissolved oxygen in aeration basins and add a Redox potential (ORP) from a transmitter with mA output for side by side display and data logging.

Profibus® or Modbus® extension

By adding the plug-in Bus communication module to the MJK display series for flow, dissolved oxygen, turbidity etc, The translated mA to Modbus® signal can be forwarded to PLC/SCADA as Profibus® or Modbus®.

More information of the Bus Communication options here.

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