Digital indicators

Digital indicators are used for indication of measured values. The indicators are supplied with LCD or LED display for panel or local mounting (IP 65). The instruments have a window in which the symbol for the engineering unit is shown. A pre-printed sheet with the common engineering units is supplied together with the indicator.

Calibration and adjustment are made on the back of the indicator. There is a built-in circuit for simulation of the 0-point and span so adjustment can be made without using measuring and test equipment. The indicators have plugable terminals for quick service.

531 Digital indicator


4 - 20 mA loop supplied indicator with 3½-digit LCD display. IP 65 enclosure for outdoor mounting.

Product series:

  • 200125 Field indicator 531, complete
  • 200126 Field indicator 531,display insert, 4-20mA loop powered


532 Digital indicator


4 - 20 mA loop supplied indicator with 3½-digit LCD display. For 48 x 96 mm ( 1/8 DIN) panel cut-out.

Product Series:

  • 200121 Panel indicator 532, 4-20mA loop powered

533 Digital indicator


Indicator with 3½-digit LED display. For 48 x 96 mm (1/8DIN) panel cut-out. Built-in power supply for 2- or 3-wire 4-20mA transmitter and 2 limit relays for alarm or control.

Product Series:

  • 200130 Panel indicator 533, 0/4-20mA, 2 alarms, 230VAC supply


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