Liquid sampler 780

The 780 Liquid Sampler is designed to take samples from lakes, rivers, sewage systems, pumping stations, etc. The sampler 780 can be connected directly to MJK Flow Converter 713, for flow proportional sampling.


The 780 Liquid Sampler uses the pressure and vacuum sampling method. When the sampler receives the start signal from either the control panel or an external controller, the sample tube is pressurised to clear it of any residue from the previous sample.

Advantages using 780 Liquid Sampler

  • For use in lakes, rivers, sewage systems and pumping stations
  • User-friendly
  • Reliable construction
  • Minimum maintenance
  • Time or volume controlled
  • IP 67/NEMA 4 cabinet
  • Samples of 20 - 500 ml

Test your sampler

Sampler 780 forfils ISO 5667 and is one of the most stable samplers on the market.

One of the most important features is that the velocity of the sugtion must be >0,5 m/s.

Guide in how to test your sampler velocity:
1. Key in the inner diameter of the inlet pipe in mm.

2. Measure the time between the 100ml and 500 ml mark on the Sampler Glass.

3. Key in the time in seconds.

4. Click CALCULATE, the result is shown in m/s.

Key in Suction hose inner diameter. Ø [mm]:
Time from 100ml to 500 ml [seconds]:
Avarage velocity [m/second]: