Monitor Link

Monitor Link is a client/server based SCADA software designed for smaller or medium sized applications, the software releases the end-user from the responsibility of owning and maintaining a full server setup. MJK will handle the daily maintenance and backup procedures and safety that a professional server needs.

The Client-part runs on a standard PC (win7), the installation itself is simple but MJK can provide tech-support for installing and setting up the software.

All data will be stored on a secured server, the individual clients can easily access important data, as well as overview of alarms, incidents, reports, working schedules and a lot more functions.

Overview or detailed userinterface

A selection of modules prvides Monitor Link with the flexible and intuitive user interface a modern SCADA software should have. The admin can simply decide the user access on each individual user, thereby allowing individual staff members accessing exactly the functions needed for their daily work.

On-Line data

All data is read online from a PC with the Client part of Monitor Link, the data can be printed or exported as e.g. CSV files, whilst MJK takes take of the server part.

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