nConnect® RTU unit

nConnect®  is a simple control device for pump controlling. It
controls smaller waste water pump stations, potable water and
raw water pump stations, and suits applications that does not need control based on more advanced functions or remote control.

The device includes input and output for level transmitters, power coils for power masurement on connected pumps, operating and alarm signals, serial RS485 for communication on private lines.

nConnect is configured via Connect Link™, connect locally using the USB port or via external communication RS485 to e.g. a Mµ Connect®, this type of connection can also be used to transfer data to a SCADA system.

Advantages using nConnect®

  • Pump control including monitoring via pump-word function
  • Input terminals for power coils for meauring power on pumps
  • Logical functions
  • Connection options to e.g. HMI Display
  • Budget friendly slave device for Mµ Connect

WiFi or USB

Data are read via USB cable plugged on the front of nConnect®. Read data on a PC with MJK Connect-Link, on HMI Display or just on your smart-phone that connects via the built-in WiFi.

The built-in WiFi allows you to view and monitor your control from e.g. your car in bad weather or you do not need to open the Control Panel in order to change a start or stop level, or if you want to force start or stop a pump, it is done directly from your smartphone with MJK Pump Apps®.

RS485 Repeater

nConnect® can operate as a slave-device for a Mµ Connect®, online data and logged data can be directed to a SCADA system via the Mµ Connect®, changes to the pump configuration can be made by the SCADA and then transferred via the Mµ Connect®.

The RS 485 Repeater will repeat/enhance the signal; this is recommended if the communication cable exceeds 300 meters.

Mµ Connect®

Software utility for My Connect®

Use nConnect® with