My Connect® RTU unit

Mµ Connect® (pronounced ‘My Connect’) is an integrated control and monitoring Instrument. It is designed for the control of pumping stations, small wastewater treatment plants and to measure and record over flow, control filters, raw water pumps and booster pumps for water supply pump stations.

Mµ Connect® has advanced features for power optimization of pumps with the control of frequency and has functions for calculation, data logging and communication with SCADA systems.

Mµ Connect® has WIFI built-in and is operated with a PC program Instrument Link and can be monitored and updated with a smart phone with graphic and flexible access to data and controls.

Advantages using My Connect®

  • Pre-programmed functions and menus
  • Communication options
  • Network options
  • Energy saving
  • Versatile telemetric solution
  • Capable data logger
  • RTU - Remote Terminal Unit


Data are read on a PC with MJK Instrument-Link or a Connect ® display or just on your smart mobile phone that connects via the built-in WiFi.

The built-in WiFi allows you to view and monitor your control from e.g. your car in bad weather or you do not need to open the Control Panel in order to change a start or stop level, or if you want to force start or stop a pump, it is done directly from your smartphone with MJK Pump Apps®.

Additional I/O modules

Mµ Connect® is modular and attached to a DIN rail mounting with a DIN rail bus system to simplify installation of additional I/O modules.

With a wide selection of I/O modules, Mµ Connect® can be configured as simply as an alarm status device or with the full functionality of a multi-variable process control PLC.

Use the tool here to select and view the I/O modules.

Mµ Connect®

Software utility for M<font style="text-transform: lowercase;">µ</font> Connect®

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