HMI Display

The HMI Display is designed specifically to give fast, intuitive pump control data. In a glance, you get an overview of actionable real-time data for on-site visits, remote evaluations and corrections.

All major data is collected into an intuitive interface that lets you monitor the true performance of your station at a moment’s notice.

Features using HMI display

  • Touch screen
  • Intuitive navigation and setup
  • Easy control of pumps and transmitters
  • Start-stop and alarm levels
  • Run-time and number of starts 
  • Real-time pump flow rates
  • Alarm list
  • Current consumption (amps) and more
  • 7 days runtime and starts report
  • 3-24 hours and 1 week trends


  • Indication, control and supervisory of pump stations

All in one – in an ultramodern screen

The 7-inch resistive touch screen features a graphical interface with a resolution of 800 x 480 pixels. The HMI is installed as a local user interface at the pump station itself, providing 24/7 monitoring of key performance indicators in real time: flow rates, current consumption in amps, run-times and number of starts.

Easy to operate – with fingertip precision

Thanks to the intuitive menu structure, you can quickly access relevant data and even calculate the pump capacity for your pumps. Want to check alarms? Review a report? Just tap the screen and pull up the relevant data. Then you can work in real-time to troubleshoot, identify trends, manage alarms, run diagnostics and make all the necessary adjustments in seconds to ensure seamless operations.

The HMI Display is designed specifically to present key data coming from Mµ Connect, in pump stations with up to four pumps. All of which adds up to easier setups, increased efficiency and reduced costs.