Controller 712

ConTroller 712 is a compact unit for control of 2 pumps or valves with optional alternation and also an alarm output.

ConTroller 712 can control 1 or 2 pumps by means of level electrodes and a timer. The pumps are started when the level reaches the start electrode, and is stopped either when the level goes below the stop electrode or after runout of a timer.


ConTroller 712 has 3 output relays; 2 for control of pumps and 1 for alarm.

A total of 5 level electrodes or 4 float switches can be connected to ConTroller 712.


ConTroller 712 can be connected to a GSM or GPRS-Com modem for transmission of service data and alarms to SCADA systems or as SMS text.

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ConTroller 712
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