MagFlux® flowmeters

MagFlux® Flowmeters are developed for measurements in all types of conductive liquids, including measurement of flow in drinking water, wastewater, sludge and process water.
MagFlux® Flow sensors are manufactured in carbon steel and stainless steel for flange or wafer connection and lining in hard rubber and PTFE.

MagFlux® Flowmeters are designed with the latest microprocessor technology to ensure accurate measurements.

The Display is unique in its design in which it can be mounted in three different ways: locally on the sensor, remotely on a wall or mounted in a panel door. Furthermore, a single Display can operate up to 4 Flow Converters and Sensors.
MagFlux® Flowmeter has a very userfriendly menu structure with all instructions in clear text - no symbols or codes are used.

MagFlux® Flowmeters, Converters and Displays are supplied with a technically advanced enclosure made of glass reinforced polycarbonate giving maximum protection against harsh industrial environments.

MID Certified sensors from DN 25 to 400

Advantages using MagFlux® Flowmeters

  • 0.25% accuracy
  • Velocity range from 0.2 - 10 m/s / 0.6 - 30 ft./s
  • DN15 to DN1400 / ½" to 54"
  • Remote display up to 1,000 m from sensor
  • IP67 or IP68 / NEMA 4, NEMA 6P
  • Selectable flow direction
  • Built-in data logger with graph
  • Network capable

Using a basic rule of the electro physics

MagFlux® electromagnetic flow meters are using one of the basic rules of the electro physics for measurement.


MagFlux® measures the velocity of the fluid through the flow sensor. Since the sensor is manufactured as a pipe, it is easy to calculate the flow when the dimension of the pipe is known


Q = (DN/2)2 x π x v , where


Q                   is the flow rate

DN                 is the pipe inner diameter

π                   is 3.14

V                   Is the velocity the fluid moves through the pipe

MagFlux® Features

  • Dimensions from 15mm to 1400mm / ½" to 54" as standard - other dimensions on request
  • MagFlux® Flow sensor are in carbon or stainless steel with lining in hard rubber or PTFE/PFA
  • The converter can be delivered with or without display
  • One single Display can operate up to 4 MagFlux® Flowmeters
  • Modbus communication is utilized between the Display and the flow Converter and to other external devices.
  • Built-in datalogger with graphic display
  • Simple and flat menu structure with easy navigation
  • Large dynamic measuring range with an accuracy of up to 0,2% of the measurement range
  • User definable engineering units
  • 4-20 mA output for flow in one or both directions
  • Counters and pulse output with or without reset
  • Detection of empty pipe
  • Two dynamic batch counters with password protection
  • Self diagnosis with indication and logging of errors
  • Automatic electrode cleaning
  • PC or keypad programmable and PC storage of settings and log data
  • MagFlux® Flow sensors withstands submersion down to 10 m / 30 ft. static pressure

MagFlux® Electrode materials

  • Electrodes:
  • 0: Steel 1.4571 / SS 316 TI. Standard
  • 1: Hastelloy C
  • 2: Titanium
  • 3: Platinium

Delivery Program

Model 7100 7200 7300 7400 7600
Connection Flange Flange Wafer Wafer Flange
Liner PTFE Hard Rubber PTFE Hard Rubber Soft Rubber
DN15 - ½"    
DN20 - 3/4"
DN25 - 1"
DN32 - 1¼"
DN40 - 1½"
DN50 - 2"
DN65 - 2½"
DN80 - 3"
DN100 - 4"
DN125 - 5"
DN150 - 6"
DN200 - 8"
DN250 - 10"    
DN300 - 12"    
DN350 - 14"    
DN400 - 16"    
DN450 - 18"    
DN500 - 20"    
DN600 - 24"    
DN700 - 28"    
DN800 - 32"    
DN900 - 36"      
DN1000 - 40"      
DN1200 - 48"      

MagFlux flow meters are type approved for metering



The following standards are used:

OIML R 49-1:2006

OIML R 49-2:2004

EN 14154-1:2005+A2:2011

EN 14154-2:2005+A2:2011

EN 14154-3:2005+A2:2011

This approval is a Type-examination Certificate of MagFlux Converter and MagFlux Sensors type 7200 from DN25 to DN400 for metering of cold water.

CAD Drawings

MJK offers drawings of MagFlux® flow sensors in Autocad format in both 2D and 3D. The drawings are available in our Download Center
Click here to download free eDrawings® Viewer to view the drawings.

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