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Calculating overflow in time frame

The small municipality of Kerteminde is located on the north-east part of Fyn is an area having unique historical nature, mixing countryside with protected historical forests and a protected bay area leading to Hans Christian Andersen’s birth town Odense. 

Kerteminde Forsyning, the local waste water plant, is well-known for setting high standards. In 2014 they decided to get a professional and stable solution, which would not only register any overflow, but also register the amount of each overflow compared to period of time. 

In case of a significant overflow the plant wanted real-time warnings, not only to their SCADA system, but also directly to the municipality environmental guard as well as the environmental guard protecting the entire Fyn area.  

Local Plant Operations Manager, Jan Rasmussen and Carsten Kock, EL-Punkt Fyn(external consultant), explains why they chose MJK Chatter equipment to do the surveillance of the popular tourist spot.

The municipality was exited with the results
Carsten Kock, electrician at El-Punkt Fyn, has been assisting the waste water plant on technical projects for more than 30 years. 

Carsten explains: “We did have some bumps on the road in the initial phase, but experience is the best teacher when you are creating an individual system. We gathered our partners on this project; Frontmatec, the designer of the SCADA software, MJK who have delivered equipment for many, many years for us and of course ourselves. Around the meeting table we managed to find the solution that is still running smoothly and delivering real-time data day in and day out. 

MJK was very active in the process, they secured that the measurements and reports from every sewer well around the municipality, would work in System 2000 from Frontmatec. This way we get real-time information of our area, and warnings when attention is needed. This really exited the officials at the municipality”
MJK R&D developed the new function “Intensity”. The function enables the Chatter device to calculate an overflow amount compared to time, for example the amount the past 2 or 3 hours. The SCADA system and environmental guard will receive a warning if the decided maximum is reached. In some areas the environmental guard allows 20m3 per two hours, other places it is less or nothing at all.

Today the Chatter devices is logging and reporting, not only the number of overflows, but also the amount, and will activate a warning if the individual levels are exceeded. This function is included in the next software update of Chatter Link, Kerteminde Forsyning have had unique access to the function in an especially created beta version for a year.  

Perfect View 
Not too long ago overflows were merely estimated. Often the environmental guard would find bacteria in the beach water and then warn the waste water plant. But the times and ambitions have changed significantly in Denmark, individual surveillance of every sewer well is now normal. In Kerteminde the sewer wells are equipped with Expert Hydrostatic level transmitter, directly connected to a Chatter logging device, which logs the data with an already decided time range. 
Kerteminde waste water plant decided to receive updated values every 5 minutes, if an alarm is active, and once an hour when everything is normal. Hence the Chatter devices are powered via the well, instead of the build-in battery that normally will last for years. 

The Environmental Department of Fyn and Kerteminde Municipality have set the maximum overflow amount for each well. The maximum values is stored in the individual Chatter device, which calculates every fifth minute what the overflow have been for a selected time frame of typically one to two hours.
The information can, overflow or not, be read real-time on the screens in the control room of the plant. Besides the control room, Plant Operations Manager Jan Rasmussen decided to place a screen in the lunchroom. Jan explains, “When we are having lunch, or at the coffebreaks we often end up talking about the state of the area. It is way easier to discuss any issue when you can visualize the area, and here you can see everything directly on the screen as well, and just like the control room, this screen is showing the entire municipality showing the map and all data real-time.”

Impact on day-to-day workflow   
Kerteminde waste water plant has furthermore installed 6 rainAhead precision rain gauges on strategic places around the municipality. The rain gauges are connected to the Chatter devices; they add data showing if the area is having an overflow due to heavy rain fall. When heavy summer rain occurs it will often cause a short term overflow consisting mostly of rain water.

“This hasn’t made running our plant either cheaper or more expensive. But if you consider the stability, the remote surveillance and logging, and that we are saving a lot of working hours compared to earlier. You know, we used to check the sewer wells physically and did so often to ensure that everything was working perfectly. The warnings for the environmental offices also used to be mailed manually from our control room, but now it’s all automated. Today we are spending our working hours smarter, by working on our processes and maintenance instead of monitoring manually.” Operations Manager Jan Rasmussen elaborates.   

Logging is mandatory in the summertime, but during the winter the plant didn’t remove the Chatter devices, they all worked perfectly through the cold, moist and snowy wintertime, logging and transferring data from the beautiful, historical countryside of Fyn.

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