Chatter Link 840400

Features and functions
MJK chatter Link is used for configuration between your Chatter┬« to a PC by use of a standard USB cable.

Import, export, edit and show configuration files
With Chatter Link you can import, export, edit, save and show configuration files of your Chatter┬« unit on your PC.

On-Line and historical data
On-line status and historical data can be seen and stored.

Setup and installation

Download the file from the Download center, right click on the file and "save destination as" save the file on your PC and unzip the file.

In the Un-zipped folder you find: Setup.exe.

Execute the file in order to install Chatter Link on your PC.

System requirements
PC with: USB 2.0 connection.
Microsoft Windows Win 7, 32bit
Microsoft .net 4.5 framework
Screen resolution min. 1280x800

Download Center

MJK Automation: MJK Products > Data Loggers > Chatter┬« > Chatter Utility Software