Chatter® Battery powered Data logger with Modem

Chatter is typically used to measure levels in wells, boreholes and rivers but also to measure pressure, temperature, flow and other parameters.

Typically the transmitters connected to the Chatter are powered from the Chatter. 


Chatter® contains a built-in multi-channel data logger, a GSM/GPRS modem including a battery which ensures more than 5-year life time on the battery for one call a day. 

Advantages using chatter®

  • Battery operated data-logger with build-in modem
  • GSM/GPRS communication
  • Data logger with event-controlled log, +90.000 log points
  • Battery lifetime up to 5-10 years.
  • Anti-vandalism SMS alarm
  • Transmit data via:
    • E-mail 
    • RTU protocol to Scada
    • SQL database 
    • SMS 


Chatter® is housed in an impact-proof aluminium and plastic casing for mounting directly on bore holes and sounding borings where sensor, electronics and antenna are protected from vandalism.
In this configuration log- and call intervals can be preset. Meanwhile the entire system is in hibernation mode, practically without using any electricity. At the chosen log- and transmission time the Chatter awakens, measures and transmits the data. Such a wake up can be as briefly as 10-15 seconds, with means the battery can last more than 5 years. Alternatively, Chatter® is available in an IP 67 / NEMA4 polycarbonate cabinet for wall mounting with a 230/115 V AC or 10-30 VDC supply.
With Chatter®’s 4 analogue, 4 digital and 1 modbus inputs for four Modbus adresses/registers, a connection of new as well as existing measuring units is possible.
To save electricity, Chatter® only supplies the connected transmitters for the time the measuring takes place, typically less than 10 seconds per measurment. By choosing the Modbus connection, measurement signals are transferred to Chatter® with a maximum resolution, since there is no analogue-to-digital signal handling involved in the circuit.