SuSix® Turbidity and suspended solids transmitter

For measuring sludge concentration in waste water plants and turbidity at waterworks.

The MJK SuSix┬« sensorsÔÇÖ 6 optical windows and its patented measuring system delivers measurements from turbidity in clean drinking water to suspended solids in heavy sludge, all from only one sensor model. The ranges covered in turbidity are 0,001 to 9999 FNU / NTU / FTU and suspended solids in the range from 0,001g/l to 400 g/l.

Advantages using SuSix®

  • Easy calibration 
  • Strong correlation with laboratory results
  • High stability 
  • Universal sensor 
  • Built-in cleaning system (option) 
  • Built-in logger 
  • Network ready

Optical Sensor system

The advanced optical system with the patented neural logic algorithm and internal diagnostics ensures high accuracy, reliable repeatability and very stable measurements in all conditions.

Suspended solids mode
Turbidity mode

Calibration Simplicity

SuSix® sensors are calibrated from factory. Turbidity measurements do not require any user calibration at all, and zero-point factory calibration is provided for suspended solids measurements. Embedded algorithms ensure that 90% of all applications only require a one-point calibration for suspended solids

SuSix® Converter

The SuSix® Converter has a logical menu structure with mobile phone type navigation. There are also a number of selectable languages in the large graphical display.


The SuSix┬« display  indicates the measurement in engineering units and has a built-in data logger with a memory of 160.000 data points with time/date stamp. The logged measurements can easily be transferred as a CSV file to a PC using the buil-in USB port. This allows easy spreadsheet data analysis.


The SuSix┬« Converter has a 4-20mA output, two relays for control or alarms, and a digital input for automatic range changes and more calibration curves. Alarms are also indicated as pop-up menus and stored in the SuSix┬« converterÔÇÖs alarm log.

The SuSix® display is configured by the operator so only the relevant data are indicated with an option to name the display with a site tag name or number.

Network with other instruments

MJKÔÇÖs SuSix┬« Converter can work in networks with other SuSix┬« units, other MJK products, or with third party SCADA and telemetry systems via is RS485 Modbus communications. The MJK SuSix┬« display can supervise, set-up and operate up to four SuSix┬« or other MJK devices for enhanced economies of space and lower cost.

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