MJK Expert Link 840100

For support of the Expert 1400 og 3400 series,

Use with 203990 PC Interface

  • For Win XP-7

    Must be used together with 840100-2.03 USB driver for Win 7.

    840100-2.03 USB driver for Expert Link (Win XP- Win 7) from download center

MJK Read-Prog Link 840101

For support of the Expert 7060-7070 and 1100-2100 series,


Use with:

  • 203992 PC (USB) Interface
  • For Win XP-7

MJK Hart Link 840106

For support of the pHix Compact series.


Use with:


  • 203083 HART Communicator, pHix Hart (USB-HART)



MJK Field Link™ 840110

For support of MagFlux, SuSix, Oxix, mA/Bus Converter and Connect / Mµ Connect.


Features and functions
MJK Field Link™ is used for communication between your MJK instrument to a PC by use of a standard USB cable.



Log Data

Import and show log Data and export as CSV files.



Upload latest firmware using MJK Field Link™ to Display and Converter


System requirements

  • Microsoft Windows XP sp2/ Vista /Win 7, 32bit
  • Java
  • USB 2.0 connection, Use with USB cable 691095

840011 Shuttle Communicator Software

For configuration and settings of the Shuttle.

incl. FW, Interface (801219) and RS232 cable

  • Win XP
  • RS 232 Interface

Download Center

MJK Automation: MJK Products > Accessories > Instrument Software