Syntax for document names

The table shows examples of the name syntax for MJK documents
Country code Product group (Number) Product name Document type Revision date (yy:mm)
GB 3.05 MagFlux Brochure 0809
GB 3.05 MagFlux Datasheet 0707
GB 3.05 MagFlux Manual 1103
INT 3.05 MagFlux CE Certificate 0812

Syntax for MJK Software

The table shows examples of the name syntax for MJK software
Product item number Revision number Product name System type Compresion type
840101 002 MJK Read link Win XP_7 zip

Error trying to download .ZIP files

If ZIP filer can not be downloaded from this website using Windows XP and IE


a) use Chrome eller FireFox browser

b) follow Microsoft WA

Language code

The table shows the Language codes of MJK documents
Country code: Language:
BG Bulgarian
CR Croatian
CZ Czech Republic
DE German
DK Danish
ES Spanish
FR French
EN - GB English
IT Italian
NL Nederland’s
PT Portuguese
RO Romanian
RUS Russian
SE Swedish
INT International (DK/GB-EN/DE/FR/IT/ES)
Others: Describtion:
CE CE Declaration of Conformity
UL UL Certificate
ATEX ATEX Certificate
RMA Return Of Goods form
PSDS Product safety datasheet
MSDS Material safety datasheet
MJK Automation: Document Download, Syntax and names