The history of MJK

1977 MJK Automation A/S is founded and resides in the outer Copenhagen area

1979 MJK produce the first standard pump controls

1988 MJK is awarded the ID (Industrial Design) bonze medal for the Expert™ Hydrostatic Level Transmitters 7060 & 7070

1989 Founds the MJK subsidiary in Sweden

1994 Founds the MJK subsidiary in The Netherlands

1999 MJK purchase the current company residence in Nærum

2000 MJK is awarded the Initiative Prize by The Danish Confederation of Industries

2001 Founds the MJK subsidiary in Norway

2002 MJK celebrates its 25th anniversary

2002 MJK introduces the pHix®

2003 MJK introduces the Shuttle®

2004 Founds the MJK subsidiary in Chicago, USA

2004 MJK introduces the MagFlux® electromagnetic flow meter

2005 Founds the MJK subsidiary in Australia

2005 The MJK hydrostatic level transmitter no. 100.000 is produced

2007 MJK introduces the new SuSix® and Connect®

2008 MJK launches the Oxix®

2009 MJK launches the Chatter®

2010 MJK introduces the Instrument Link™

2010 Founds the MJK subsidiary in Singapore

2011 Acquisition of the neighbouring site (for storage purposes)

2011 MJK launches the Mµ Connect®

2012 MJK is now a wholly owned subsidiary of Xylem Inc.

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