Terms of sale and delivery

The terms of sale and delivery apply to all quotations, sales and deliveries unless otherwise agreed upon in writing.


Should alterations in customs, duties, i.e. take place in the period between quotation and delivery, we reserve the right to cover our increased expenses.


Delivery is when the goods are shipped or handed over to the carrier. Should a delay occur at the stated time of delivery, the buyer cannot cancel the deal unless otherwise agreed upon in writing.

We reserve the right to partial deliveries. Should delay occur, we do not accept responsibility for any indirect consequences of the delay, including but not limited to loss of time and profits. In case of delay compensation can only be demanded, if there is tangible proof that the delay has caused material adverse financial impairment to the buyer.


All goods will be sent in the most suitable way at all times and without responsibility for freight deficits. Shipment is carried out at buyers account and risk, consequently damages and delays during transport will therefore not be compensated for.


The terms of payment are as stated in our quotation, order acknowledgement and invoice. At later payment than stated, an interest of 1.5% per month from the date of due payment will be charged. The buyer has no right to detain any part of the purchase price due to any counter claims of any sort, unless these are approved of in writing by the seller.

Retention of ownership until payment is made

We reserve the right to the sold goods, until payment is received in full by MJK for the full purchase price including additional expenses incurred. If the article is sold, with the intention of later installation, the sold product is covered by the retention of ownership, until installation has taken place.


On all deliveries there is a one year guarantee. We make an effort always to deliver products which comply with the norms and specifications stated in our data sheets.

If these specifications are not complied with, or if the equipment has any demerits, we assume responsibility for the repair or exchange of defective parts with no expenses imposed on the buyer, when the equipment is returned to our company. The buyer is liable for expenses and risks associated with return delivery to our company. We cannot be held liable for shortages or losses.


We are liable to the common rules of Danish law on product liability. However, the liability is reduced to coverage of our public liability insurance of products. To the extent where nothing else follows in lines of invariable rules of law, we are not liable for loss of profits and working deficits or other indirect losses.

Return of goods

Products custom manufactured especially to the specifications of a customer cannot be returned. Standard products can only be returned, when prior separate agreements have been made. A refund will be made equal to the stated amount on the original invoice minus 10 %, provided the products are returned unopened in their original packaging, and in their original condition. The buyer is responsible for expenses and risks of return delivery to our company.

How to return goods

Venue and choice of law

Any disagreement between the parties will be settled according to Danish law, at the Danish Mercantile and Commercial Courts in Copenhagen.



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